UPDATED: 26 May 2020, 2359 hrs, Tuesday


Good day everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.


As Singapore moves on to Phase 1 of Safe-Reopening from 2 Jun 2020, we understand that many participants may be going back to regular work and school hours.

So while we continue with online classes until it is safe for Ikoma to reopen and restart physical classes (Phase 2 projected), we shall need to adjust some class timings for Phase 1, but it may take some time to arrange still.

If you know that you are no longer to make your default online class timing, please let us know early, so we may help to adjust you into another possible timeslot.


For classes in online mode, while we have done some revision for sessions held in May, we are also starting moving forward with the curriculum, so in coming weeks, we shall gradually progress the term.

Again, if you are aware that your class is in online mode and is reconsidering joining us, please let us know early.

If you are not joining, or circumstances do not allow you to join at this time, not to worry; As we last stated in our 1 May update, the school will provide alternative solutions for your continuity later on.


Also, wefd like to remind all participants to check and update your gZoomh application to the latest version.
If you do not update, you might experience incompatibility problems and cannot connect to the class.


Let us all pray for a safe and stable recovery for Singapore.


Ikoma Language School