UPDATED: 22 May 2020, 2359 hrs, Friday


Good day everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.


We have examined more information released by the government regarding the 3 Phase Safe Re-opening of Singapore.

While some schools will resume in Phase 1, they mainly refer to the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Higher Educational institutions part of the national education system.

For Ikoma, we will likely have clearance to resume from Phase 2, pending further announcements by the government.


It would seem that online classes shall need to continue for a bit more, until we have further information on when we can proceed to Phase 2.

We understand some participants may have changes in your daily schedule during Phase 1, so we shall be assessing and adjusting some class timings where required.

If you are aware that your class is in online mode and is reconsidering joining us in light of this new information, please let us know early.

Progression may vary from class to class, but as wefre still in the early stage of online mode, itfs still possible to catch up.

If you are not joining, or circumstances do not allow you to join at this time, not to worry; As we last stated in our 1 May update, the school will provide alternative solutions for your continuity later on.


For all other classes that are not in online mode, we had initially looked as possible resumption in June, but as the timeline has shifted, we will reassess and update your respective groups on the intended course of action.

*The timeline for Prep classes may come later as the target has been revised to Dec 2020, so we still have some leeway.


The core groups that have not gone online are:

NEW CLASSES (originally scheduled for Apr 2020, but have yet to start)

l  Basic 1 Term 1, Twice a week (Tue & Sat , Wed & Sun)

l  JLPT N1 Preparatory Class



l  Basic 1 Term 1, Once and Twice a week (started Mar 2020)

l  Full-Time/Daily Intensive (Mon to Fri), All levels

l  JLPT N3/N2/N1 Preparatory Class


Thank you everyone for your cohesion and cooperation during these challenging times.


Ikoma Language School