UPDATED: 15 May 2020, 2359 hrs, Friday


Good day everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.


To start, wefd like to address our Basic 1, Term 1 once and twice a week classes that started in March 2020.

We know some of you are concerned with the status of your class, since our last update for you was via email in early May.

Wefre sorry that itfs taking a bit of time to create content, but wefll have something new to share with you within the next few days, so please look forward to our next email information soon.

If youfre from one of the above classes, but did not receive the first round of email resources from us on 1 May 2020, please do let us know at info@ikoma.com.sg


For the rest of the Japanese Part-time classes that have started online sessions, wefd like to inform you of the following matters.


1) Please note that weekly schedules may vary from class to class, series to series, so it is a good practice to verify with your respective teachers at the end of each session.

24 May and 25 May are public holidays for Hari Raya Puasa, but some classes may be on still, so please make sure you check with your teacher.

If ever in doubt, you may also contact the school to check.


2) Online classes donft operate under the same conditions as regular classes, so there is expected to be some class to class variation in terms of progression.

As we do more sessions, the difference in progression among classes may widen, so replacement sessions may not necessarily cover what you missed.

In this respect, we hope you can stick with your own default timeslot as far as possible, so as to allow your teacher to monitor your progress consistently.


3) Wefve started the first session with revision, and for the next few sessions, wefll be moderating the pace with a blend of new content and revision.

As with item 2) above, your teacher will monitor the progress of the class members and set the pacing accordingly, but we expect the early sessions to adopt a slower pace, so everyone has time to adapt.


Slowly but surely, as we learn and adapt to this new online system, we will gradually fine tune and improve.

As always, we thank you all for your support and bearing with the inconveniences.


Ikoma Language School