UPDATED: 12 May 2020, 2359 hrs, Tuesday


Good day everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.


First, wefd like to apologise to everyone for the delay in confirmation emails.

Due to our inexperience, we had underestimated the time required to deliver them out to everyone.

We have learnt from this and will seek to improve our lead times moving forward.


In order to adjust the group sizes for some timeslots, we had to invite quite a number of participants to help us by taking alternative timeslots.

Some of these changes were quite last minute, to all those who cooperated with us on this matter, sorry for the trouble caused and thank you very much for giving us the leeway.

Some classes may have started with a middle group size due to tight deadlines, but wefll monitor the situation and adjust the pacing or size of the class if need be.


Wefd like to thank all participants who have already joined us for the first session since last Friday, and also those of you who will be joining us from tomorrow onwards.

We understand that as this may be a new system for everyone, including ourselves, there may be some teething problems expected in the beginning.

We are aware some participants may have experienced some technical difficulties, so if you were affected and donft mind sharing, please feel free to write to info@ikoma.com.sg with the title gOnline Lesson Feedbackh.

Your feedback will serve to help us identify common problems encountered and improve our lessons for everyone.


If there are any of you who have missed out on submitting your reply to join the online sessions, not to worry as the first week was mainly for revision purposes, you can still join us as long as the timeslot is still available, so please feel free to submit your replies.

Also, if youfve missed reading this previous update on 01 May 2020 regarding the general plan for online lessons, please click this link.


Again, thank you all for bearing with us and for helping us move ahead with this project!


Ikoma Language School