UPDATED: 8 May 2020, 1600 hrs, Friday


Good day everyone,

We apologise for the delay in sending out confirmations for the [Japanese Part-time Course] small group online lesson.

As there are a lot of factors to account for when sorting out, itfs taking more time than expected.


We have finished distributing the update to those who are starting on Friday.

We will next prioritise those who have class on Saturday first, so expect to receive your update by this evening.

For the rest of the days Sunday to Thursday, wefll deliver in order of priority as well.


If you still do not receive an update by 1800 hrs the day before your class is supposed to start,

please inform us at info@ikoma.com.sg with the topic g[24HRS] Did not receive status for online lessonh

e.g. Class supposed to start on Wednesday, you should get by Tuesday 1800 hrs.

Thank you for your understanding and bearing with us.


Ikoma Language School