UPDATED: 1 May 2020, 2359 hrs, Friday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.

We have a few topics for our Japanese, Part-Time courses to address today, so let us split it up into sections for easier reading.


1. Positive replies for Online Lessons

As mentioned in the previous update, wefve been sending out survey invitations for online classes for the past few days.

A good number of people have responded with overwhelmingly positive replies, so wefll be doing our best to sort out the replies as quick as we can and we hope to start the online class by the coming week or the next.

Certain timeslots are seeing more demand than others, so in the interest of keeping the class size to a manageable number, we might need to shift some of you to your alternative choices; thank you in advance for your cooperation in this. Wefll update you again when the session date and time has been confirmed.


Some of you have also shared with us, among other reasons, that current circumstances do not allow you the time to participate.

We know many of you work in essential services, so the workload can be really heavy at this point in time.

A special shout out to you guys for keeping Singapore up and running!


As there a lot of entries coming in, we might accidentally miss out on replying to a question you may have included with your reply.

Please forgive our oversight and wefd appreciate if you could drop us a reminder mail.



2. Outline plan for Online Lessons

Wefve also received a number of questions regarding the online class.

Let us just share a bit more of the intended plan for online classes, so we can clarify for the benefit of everyone.

Do note that what we mention here is a short term proposed plan for the month of May, with resumption of class projected in June.

The baseline is we will be flexible. Whenever there is a need to, we will adapt and revise according to what the situation of the day requires.


To start, wefll be doing the online sessions in small groups, mainly for revision, at least for the first session.

This first revision session will not eat into your term time and it will not incur additional fees on your part.

For subsequent sessions, our teachers will evaluate if itfs feasible to proceed with the curriculum or continue with revision, or a mix of both.

But our idea is that if we can proceed with the curriculum, then every 2 sessions of 1.5 hrs online class will be roughly equivalent to 1 session of a physical class.

From this point, it will count towards the term as we advance the curriculum and there is progress made.

Depending on which series or level youfre in, you can expect to have between 2 to 4 sessions for the month of May.


When it comes to total class time you can expect to get more or at least the same amount of time as a physical session.

The amount of content to be covered will follow what the curriculum has planned for.

So for example, if your Intermediate 2 Term 2 is supposed to finish with Lesson 50, rest assured, we will finish it, even if extra hours are required.


Rescheduling of class is permitted, for as long as we still have options available. Do let us know early, so we can arrange for it.


3. For those unable to participate in Online Lessons

If you are unable to participate at this point in time, regardless of reason, the school will do its best to find a solution that works for you.

The method and delivery can be discussed on a case by case basis as everyone has different circumstances.

Also, if you miss the start of Online Lessons, you may apply to join us later if your situation permits.



4. Regarding school fees for students going into a new term

We know some terms are ending and some terms are just starting.

Some students have not been able to sign up officially, but not to worry, itfs okay to attend online classes first.

Wefll be looking into options available for remote payment and will advise later.



5. Reminder to check your mailbox

Just a reminder if youfre in the following groups and did not receive an email from us in the past few days,

please write in to info@ikoma.com.sg with the subject eDid not receive surveyh, then we can investigate.

1. Part-time, once a week and twice a week classes. (excluding JLPT preparatory classes)
2. Daily Intensive (Full-time) classes.

Do remember to include the following information: "Your name", "Class name", "Teacher's name, Day and Time of class" (you may leave fields you donft remember as blank)



Your strong support and positivity keeps us running during the most challenging of times.

Thank you everyone!


Ikoma Language School