UPDATED: 24 Apr 2020, 2359 hrs, Friday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.

We are currently preparing to survey the interest of online classes as well as to gather feedback which will be distributed according to class series.

Depending on series, some classes may not be available for selection, but there will be other class timeslots in the same batch that you can temporarily join.


We are aware and understand there may be some people who are unable to participate due to personal circumstances, as this is a trying period for many of us.

At this point in time, our idea for small group online classes is mainly to start with some revision content at a moderated pace in order to the bridge the gap between class suspension and actual resumption of class.

For those unable to participate in the online classes, the school will do its best to arrange options to bring you up to speed before you resume classes, so donft worry.

However, we encourage you to participate if your circumstances permit.

Again, we must thank all of you for supporting us, and supporting one another, during this challenging time.

In unity do we find strength!

Ikoma Language School