UPDATED: 21 Apr 2020, 2359 hrs, Tuesday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.

As with the governmentfs announcement this evening, circuit breaker measures are to be extended to 1 June 2020.
Again, we understand that safety is paramount and that we all need to cooperate with the measures put in place, so that Singapore can resume normalcy sooner.
On our end, it looks it may take a bit more time for regular classes at school to resume, but we stay positive and shall continue planning for the majority of classes to go online during this period.

So far, in the past few weeks, we have been organizing make-up classes with many different video conferencing platforms.
A large proportion was via Zoom, due to the current popularity of the platform and its prolific use by many government schools.
We are aware that there have been some concerns regarding security, but also that the company is progressively making improvements in response.
So at this stage it remains a viable platform, as long as we use it with the security in mind and remain vigilant, while continuing to monitor this platformfs developments over public media sources.
We understand that attention to security might cause a little bit of inconvenience at some point in times, but we hope the processes will improve in the future.

We also keep our options open as we look into other platforms to find one that best fits the schoolfs requirements and the end user base.
As we take the school online, we may eventually need to settle down on a single platform that is both secure and user friendly, among other things.
Once a platform is chosen and it is used schoolwide, it would be challenging to call for a switch to another platform, so careful evaluation over a period of time is required.
We will try our utmost to strike a balance between lesson quality and moving research of the online classes along, all within a sensible timeframe.

Most ongoing classes may expect contact via email from us within the next week or so, regarding the options for the online class.
We will announce again when this contact is sent out, so please hold on for a bit.

For the majority of students who did not require make-up classes, we apologise for the long wait and thank you for your patience.

As we all stay home and stay safe for a little longer, let us not forget to keep our minds and bodies in good shape.

Ikoma Language School