UPDATED: 17 Apr 2020, 2200 hrs, Friday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.

As mentioned in our previous update, we are looking into moving into small group classes as the next step of progression with online lessons.
If your class is big, we may temporarily divide the class into two or more smaller groups.

For example, class name gPANDAh is divided into gPANDA-Ah and gPANDA-Bh.

gPANDA-Ah will take the earlier half of their own timeslot, while gPANDA-Bh will take the later half of their own timeslot, with some overall adjustments to start and end times.

As this is still work in progress, wefll share with you further details once we come up with a working model.

For students who are in the ONGOING JLPT N1, N2, N3 preparatory classes that were supposed to take the JLPT in Jul 2020.
As you know, the JLPT for Jul 2020 has been cancelled in Singapore.
At this point in time, the schoolfs general direction to address this is to readjust the overall schedules to work towards the next possible JLPT in Dec 2020.

The actual plan for resumption will be discussed among the preparatory class trainers in the coming weeks, so wefll be providing updates on this at a later stage.
Also, if there are any students who have the intention of aiming one level higher than your current class for the JLPT in Dec 2020, please let us know early, so we can discuss with your trainer and assess the viability of such an option.

Just in case anyone is wondering, we will not be doing the JLPT N4 and N5 preparatory classes in May 2020, since the exam has been cancelled.
But we expect to conduct it in Oct 2020 for the JLPT in Dec 2020, so interested parties, please check back with us later on.

For the NEW JLPT N1 preparatory classes that were supposed to start in Apr 2020 for the JLPT in Dec 2020.
We are still assessing if itfs viable to target the JLPT in Dec 2020, if we are able to start classes in May.
Similarly, for the NEW Intake Basic twice a week classes that were supposed to start in April. Youfre on our minds as well.
Starting of new classes will be dependent on the outcome of the current gcircuit breakerh and the overall level of safety in Singapore.
Rest assured, we will not rush to start your classes, just because we can.
We still treat with top priority, the safety and peace of mind of every one of you who will be joining us in the near future.

We thank every one of our students for bearing with us during these unprecedented times.

A toast to your good health! Cheers!

Ikoma Language School