UPDATED: 14 Apr 2020, 2130 hrs, Tuesday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you for the continued support and for reading our brief situational update today.

Wefve made significant progress over the past two weeks since classes were suspended and wefve been working at and delivering online classes on a largely one-to-one basis, as we had announced in earlier updates.

A very big thank you to those who have participated and gave us advice and ideas on how to improve.

For the coming weeks, as our trainers familiarise themselves with the online method of delivery, we shall be slowly moving over to small groups, and in time, we hope to have a limited scale resumption of the regular classes online.

As we sounded out before, this is work in progress and a learning experience for all of us, so we hope to iron out all the teething problems before we are able to implement on a schoolwide scale.
It may take us several more weeks before we are able to reach out to everyone, so we apologise in advance to many of you who are still standing by.

If at any time, you are concerned that we might have accidentally missed out on contacting you, please do feel free to check back with us and we will investigate the status for you.

As always, we are tremendously grateful to the support given by each and every one of our students and supporters.
Let us continue to move forward, together!

Ikoma Language School