UPDATED: 27 Mar 2020, 2115 hrs, Friday


Good evening everyone,

Thank you all for the support during these challenging times and for the well wishes sent to us these past few days.
We appreciate each and every one of you who is a member of the Ikoma family :)

Over the past two days, we have been carefully monitoring the situation and have obtained further clarifications from the authorities.
The instruction from MOE is to suspend all classes for young and school-going children and to observe safe distancing precautions as outlined by MOH for adult classes.

So while we are technically allowed under current guidelines to continue some adult classes for class sizes 10 pax and below, including the teacher,
our main priority is for health of the entire student body, given that the number of reported cases these past few days has been on the higher end.
As such, our direction for the time being is to keep an eye on the overall risk level in Singapore for the next one to two weeks, before we make further decisions on how to proceed.

In the meantime, we work behind the scenes to explore the possibility of taking some classes online.
This is work in progress and may take some time, and we cannot yet promise that it can be delivered for every class across the board,
so we seek your patience and understanding as we wish to deliver a proper solution that will work for everyone.

In a separate announcement from the Japanese Cultural Society, the local organisers for JLPT.
We are told that the Jul 2020 JLPT is currently suspended until further notice.
There will be more updates on their website by 10 Apr 2020, so concerned parties, please check their page as well.
Source: https://www.jcss.org.sg/jlpt%20Aug

We pray for your and your family's good health!

Ikoma Language School